Writing a Description for your business

pic of business description

Business Description

When preparing a business description, provide the business name, address and owner identification.  Identify the primary goals and objective of the business and clarify why you are or why you want to be in business.

You should state if your business is retail, manufacturing or service business and what type of products/services are offered. And because it is unlikely that a business is totally unique, you should briefly describe what is distinctive about the products and/or services, features, prices and quality characteristics.

What is the business structure? Is or will your business be classified as a proprietorship, partnership or corporation? What is the history of your business? Is the business a startup or existing company?

Identify your primary suppliers and customers. You should develop a reference page with at least four to five potential and /or existing suppliers and customers. For example, if your business has a major corporation, government or educational institution as a customer, the advantages of listing them as a customer can give your business instant credibility. Also, be certain to highlight those suppliers that provided critical materials or inventory for your business.

Describe the nature of your business or the business you intend to operate. Describe your products, services and possible customers. Discuss what will or what makes you succeed or what will make you successful such as; superior customer service, skilled personnel, or your geographic location.  Also discuss the owner (s) of the business, their background and why they’ll be successful.

Example 1

Johnson Dental Service is a corporation formed to create a branch office of an existing dental practice. Dawn Johnson D.D.S. will be the primary caregiver at the branch office and will continue a consulting and referral practice with the existing office.

Example 2

ABC Cleaning is a professional cleaning company, specializing in ready-made apartment cleaning services. We are located at 18400 Sorrento, Detroit, MI 48124. The current customer bases are apartment complex. ABC Cleaning was founded by its owner, C Bailey. Mr. Bailey has worked for a couple of other cleaning companies before launching this venture. Although the business climate for apartment cleaning companies is very competitive in the area, Mr. Bailey has embarked on a marketing strategy that will capitalize on an effective advertising and promotional campaign, designed to develop new business and solidify repeat customers.

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