You’ve collected EMAILS, now What? Use an AUTO RESPONDER program: to send MARKETING emails and have them answered AUTOMATICALLY!

moblie_email_md_wmUse an AUTO responder PROGRAM What is an auto responder? An AUTO responder is a computer program that automatically ANSWERS e-mail sent to it.

Here are some of the leaders

  1. (It is said to be the best).

    1. It has 600 templates.

    2. Tested with all email providers (gmail, yahoo, etc…).

    3. Starts at $19@month

      1. .500 emails

      2. Has sign-up templates

      3. 6000 Photos to use.


    1. Another .com a leader in the field.

    2. No limit in the numbers of autoresponders you can send.

    3. $15@month


    1. Can upload difference emails

    2. Free for $11.95, can add 600 emails.

YesYouCanWriteaBusinessPlan (amazon)


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