A key ingredient to launching a new business successfully is

YesYouCanEnterprise, LLC.


A key ingredient to launching a new business successfully is writing and implementing a business plan. The business plan lays out a course of action for your company for the first 36 months of operation.

Eight reasons why you should do a business plan.

One – test your idea on paper before committing time, money, and resources.

Two – to chart the direction of your idea and how to get there (and you should really have follow the plan once it done).

Three – decide what people, facility, organization, and resources you can use to turn your idea into a reality.

Four – to set some standards of control, evaluate possible outcomes, and to improve your business idea.

Five – to anticipate problems that will arise as you operate your business, and have preventative actions planned.

Six – to plan for personnel, capital and facilities.

Seven – to know the…

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