Use your business plan for day-to-day operations!

We try not to put total responsibility in writing a business plan for the purpose of raising capital, but also to give the business owner some direction and planning.  It is important to use your business plan for your day-to-day operations.

The preparation of the plan forces the potential entrepreneur to consider each facet of the business and its role in accomplishing the company’s overall strategic goals and objectives.

The business plan should be as concise and understandable as possible, while still covering all key issues, especially if it is to be handed over to an investor.  The final version of the plan should include a title page, a table of contents, an executive summary, company overview, marketing, management, financial information, and capital requirements.

Unless you are approaching a traditional banking institution for a loan, starting a business does not require a fifty-page business plan. If you are making one for only your eyes to view, whether it’s fashioned as an abstract dream board, or written up as a formal document; the important thing is to be clear about your vision and goals. Your business plan is your blueprint for action.
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